System requirements Knime

Hello guys,

I have a question concerning the system requirements of Knime, we are planning on buying a new Workstation. We have some workflows that use Datasets up to maybe 20-30 GB.

My question is too which extent is Knime able too use resources or is there a Limit on Ram and Processor power which effectively be used.

If you could give me an example build for a heavy working machine that would be great.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Wolf1984

I can recommend you my internal playground. As always it depends on a lot of parameters if this is sufficient. E.g. how many users share this, how often the workflows are running and what they are doing.

But this is the setup we have for a KNIME internal server:

4 Cores@3.7GHz 64GB RAM 3TB SSD als RAID 5

Cheers, Iris

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