t test - mean diference in percent

Hi everybody,
Anyone can help me?
I made a t test and the program give me a mean difference. But i want this information in %. Example:
Group one - Mean : 0.412
Group two - Mean: 0.346
Mean Difference give for knime: 0.066
What i want: mean difference in %: 19%
I Will do it in a lot of t test.
Thanks for all.

Hi @NunoMR,

Can you upload your workflow please?


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Hi mehrdad_bgh,
Its very simple, I just reader a excell file and use a t test node.

Hello @NunoMR,

have you had any success with calculating percentage after t test? I guess you are using Independent groups t-test node? To have mean difference as percentage you will have to calculate it. First filter column with mean values, then transpose it and use Math Formula to get percentage. You don’t have to multiply it with 100 as you can right click on column in table view and from available renderers choose Percentage.


Hope this helps!


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