T-Test (Volcano Plot) in KNIME?

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I would like to include Volcano Plots in my KNIME workflow. Is there a possibility to calculate p-values using t-tests, anova or whatever?


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No, we don't have this measures include. We cover this functionality provided by our R statistics integration, see http://www.r-project.org, available through our in-build KNIME update site.

Thanks a lot. However, since I haven´t worked with R so far, would it be possible to tell me how to use the R nodes for this purpose?


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The only thing you need to to know about R in KNIME is that for the R Snippet and R View nodes the input AND the output is stored within a variable R. For example if you want to run a plot on the first two columns, enter plot(R[1:2]) in the node dialog. Have you R already installed within KNIME? This is available through our update site that you can access via Help > Install new Software > select www.knime.org/update/2.4 and look for the R Statistics package; for Windows we also provide a pre-packaged base R version in addition.

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