Table Cell Viewer and HiLite functionality

Hello KNIP-Team

I was wondering if you intend to make the HiLite functionality available in the "Table Cell Viewer" in a foreseeable futue?



Hi Felix,

I'm not pretty sure what exactly you want to hilite?

  • If you want to hilite the rows of the table which is shown on the left of the Table Cell View, then we don't have this funcationality yet, but we opened a bug for this and we will take care about this asap.
  • If you want to hilite individual cells for example of a segmentation, this is already possible. See Interactive Segmentation View. Connect the table in the lower (optional) port and the table containing the image and the corresponding labeling of the image in the upper port. You can the hilite either in an interactive table or in the image itself.

I hope this helps,



Hi Christian

Yes, I meant what you mentioned in the first point... Screenshots, paragraph 3. Nice to hear that you are planning to do it.