Table column to variable (name of variable)

Hi all,

im using the “table column to variable” node to create a flow variable wich depends on the day of the week, so every day when i run the worflow the name of the variable changes:


Each day the name changes because its getting the name from the row of the previus table (row0_row3, but it can be row0_row1 etc…) and this its causing error on the next node:


because the “value settings” of the constant value column node its controlled by the variable that changes his name every day…


Please, anybody could told me the way that the name of the variable created by the “table column to variable” node mantains always the same?

thanks in advance!

Use a RowID node immediately before the Table Row to Variable node, and replace the RowID with a new Row ID, which will then always be Row0 or thereabouts for the first row in the table



Thanks a lot Steve!! you’ve saved my day :smiley:

This is how i configured it:



Thanks for answering so fast.
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