Table comparison with stat test

Hi all, 

I am new to Knime and wondering if someone can help me with the following. 

I have quarterly xls data files, each one containing multiple sheets. My objective is extract some of the sheets and compare the tables quarter to quarter and verify if the changes happened in the data are significant or not by using a stat test. 

At the moment I managed to extract and merge the 2 data sources and my table look like this:


  Finland Q1 Germany Q1  Finland Q2  Germany Q2
Item 1 base size base size base size base size
  % value  % value % value % value
Item 2 base size base size base size base size
  % value % value % value % value 


Objective: compare % values country to country and obtain (a new table) that highlights the significant shifts (if any). 

is this possible?


Thanks a lot!



Hi emsa,

You could use the Math Formula node to compute the difference in % value between two columns.