Table data width exceeds width of PDF Report

I have created a report from a table in Knime. The table is 13 columns wide. I have created a report from this table (by wrapping up as a component and allowing reporting to produce a PDF report).

On the PDF report output (A4 size, landscape) it only shows the first 6 columns of data.

Is there any way producing a PDF showing all 13 columns of my table data? i.e. is there a “scale to fit” node in Knime?

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Hello @John_Hayes,

You can use the A3 page size, otherwise, you can utilize the “Table to PDF” node.

This node allows you to customize the size of column. For your reference, attached are images.


Thanks for your help. I tried outputting PDF as A3 size and it helps but I still can’t see every column.

Can I use the “Table to PDF node” if I want to create a PDF from a couple of tables wrapped up as a component (report)?