Table Difference Finder and Unknown Data Types


I am suffering from the same problem. I want to persist table difference finder values result to csv file but it won’t let me.


I believe the point is that the value columns do not have a determined data type. I tried to force a conversion to string but to no avail.
First, I tried to use date/time to string conversion remembering to have date/time fields in the tables, but as unknown is not date/time unsurpsingly I could not select the value columns for conversion.
Then I tried to use Column Auto Type Cast but I did not help either as neither there I was able to select the value columns.

I thought to do the date/time to string conversion before the data enters the diff finder but then I would loose the specs comparison, unless I do it in two diffs making my workflow even messier.

I would appreciate a nudge to a solution.

Kind regards


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Hi @Thiemo.Kellner -

I went ahead and moved your question to a new topic since the other one was very old.

I don’t have a solution for you off the top of my head but I will investigate. Maybe someone here in the community is quicker on the draw than I am :slight_smile:


Have you tried string manipulation or column Expression and just add an empty string („“)? Otherwise could you provide a sample or table where this sort of column would appear?

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I did not try anything but the conversion attemts. But thanks for the hint. I shall try.

I am not sure what mean with “sample or table”. In any case, I put together a simplified but expanded version of my original workflow also presenting the problem. Please find it attached.
table_diff_to_csv.knwf (68.3 KB)

Please note that I removed the Oracle connectors. They will not work on your system anyway if our company did the firewalling right and I a bit secretive too. To reattach connectors, follow the following pictures.


To make it run, you can use any equally named table on two different instances as long as the reference table has a primary key.

Hope that helps.

The string manipulation does not work out for the same reasons as the conversion.

For completeness, I also tried the single column string manipulation node… and it worked. Very strange, but I take it.


You can use the “column renamer” to set the type of this column too…

It was a tips that I discovered some flows before…



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