Table Difference Finder

This workflow shows the usage of Table Difference Finder node. A csv file is read in. The data are modified in one branch: - all String type columns are capitalized - positions of age and workclass columns are swapped The Table Difference Finder node checks the differences between the original data and modified data. It produces two tables: - first one is a row-by-row comparison of the entire tables, and shows the difference in capitalized columns - second one is a comparison of domain differences. The swapped position of age and workclass columns is marked as false in the Position Equals column.

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I have a question on this node:
I tried to compare two tables, wheater there are differences. The problem is that this node kind of compares everything with everything. How can i adjust this, so that both tables are compared by using the unique row ID and only those rows who have the same ID are compared?
Or are there other solutions to this problem?
Thanks a lot