Table difference node is giving wrong output !

Hi There,

I have two completely identical tables and I passed both of them to the table difference finder node.

In the output I see two rows, in both rows, there are row id for both the tables, then it has a column name for which it has found difference and then values for both the tables in separate row.

But there also, values in both the tables are same, so why the node thinks that there is a difference ?

Hi @bhaveshachhada and welcome to the Knime Community.

Would it be possible to show us the 2 tables and what results you are seeing?

Hi @bruno29a,
I am afraid to say that I cannot directly share the data on the forum.
But after lots of debugging, I found that the string value in one of the tables was having a whitespace at the end. That’s why table difference finder managed to confuse me.
One hour of coding, is seven hours of debugging !!
Thanks !

Hi @bhaveshachhada , the whitespace is always tricky cause you can’t see it.

One trick that I give people to verify for whitespaces is to enclose the value between some dummy strings.

For example:
join("XXX", $your column$, "XXX")

So that would be one way to apply this where the table difference finder node points you to to see if there are whitespaces.

As far as I know, the node has always worked, and in all of the cases that people have raised that it did not work was because of whitespaces or hidden character.


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