Table Editor (javascript) node not recognizing Value Filter


I’m using the Table Editor (javascript) node, and I would like it to respond to selection picked from the Value Filter node. I can see that the Table Editor (javascript) node recognizes the Range Slider Filter Definition node when I check the Subscribe to filter events in the configuration, but it doesn’t recognise the Value Filter. Is there a way to get it to recognize the Value Filter? or to be able to use categorical values in the Range Slider Filter Definition?


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To give a bit more context, I am passing a table which i want to edit using the Table Editor node, and the data rows are grouped into categories. I would like to filter a category with the Value Filter, pass the filtered rows to the Table Editor, apply the change, and repeat over the categories.

I was hoping I could publish the Value Filter chance to the Table Editor, but this doesn’t seem possible. Is the way to use a recursive loop, and how can I put a GUI control for the iterations?

Hello David,

Thank you for your question. A new node that we are working on at the moment should solve your issue: the quickform “Value Filter Definition”. It is used as a value filter which triggers interactive filter events in a view and can be found in the nightly build:

Hope that helps,