Table image export to Excel: odd image size

Table images exported to excel have a very odd size, often with the incorrect aspect ratio, is there any way to manually control the image size?

Workflow I usually use includes something like:

R View -> Image To Table -> Excel Writer



Hi Steve,

I tried it with Excel 2016 and get the same odd sized picture in my sheet. Though, it seems that the picture is transferred in the right size initially, as you can reset it to its original size within Excel in the size and properties settings. Does that help?


I have already been re-sizing manually - may get a bit tedious if there are 100s of images.

Hi Steve,
I had the same problem. Try to save the files as .xls (when I saved the files as .xlsx, then the aspect ratio of the image changes).


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Just checked using xls instead of xlsx, you are correct it does not mess up the image aspect ratio.