Table indexer


i have to index my documents with Table indexer node, and to search a requet with index query node

my question is: can I force and/or modifie the indexing to give differents weight for words ?


if we have 3 documents:
d1: blue pen
d2: green pen
d3: red car

the result of this request " red pen" must be d1 and d2 , because i want to give mor importance for the word “PEN”


Hello @nadiroun,

this is done by boosting a term. From Index Query node description:

“To boost a term use the caret, “^”, symbol with a boost factor (a number) at the end of the term you are searching.”


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Thanks ipazin,

Can you give me a simple example please , with table creator ander table indexer and indexer query :slight_smile:
because i use indexer qury on loop !!


So i have 10000 query and 1000000 documents for example :),

i have to loop all query and i search similar in documents

Please help me :slight_smile:


Hello @nadiroun,

simply add ^ together with boost factor. Here is more from node description:

For example, if you are searching for

jakarta apache

and you want the term “jakarta” to be more relevant boost it using the ^ symbol along with the boost factor next to the term. You would type:

jakarta^4 apache

This will make documents with the term jakarta appear more relevant. You can also boost Phrase Terms as in the example:

“jakarta apache”^4 “Apache Lucene”


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