Table Manipulator configuration Isuue

After configuring the Table Manipulator node the column order is restored to its original setting when I reopen the configuration dialog.

what is wrong?

thank for help

Hello @salvatorigio
I’m just guessing… You could try to test inserting a ‘Domain Calculator’ node just before your ‘Table Manipulator’

Good luck

I don’t understand because a domain calculator first preserve the configuration.
The problem is that when I reopen configuration the node loose the previous configuration

I have had issues with table manipulator being buggy and stopped using it. Instead I use column filter, column resorter, column renamed.
I would recommend documenting with screenshots how to reproduce your issue.

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Hi @salvatorigio , in addition to what @ajackson has said about providing screenshots to demonstrate what you are seeing, can you tell us which KNIME version you are using.