Table Reader bug


I have saved out a KNIME Table using the Table Writer node, and the filesize is 167Mb.

If I then use the Table Reader node to read it in, I get an error before I get to execute the node, with the error message: The Filesize exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved!.


No idea what this means, as its meant to be reading the file, not saving it.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



Hm, never seen this before. The complete message from the log file includung the stacktrace would be helpful.

Hmm, its now looking like the file that got wrote to the sharepoint got corrupted on save, so when I came to read it, it was unable too.

I need to work out whats gone on here.

Still a strange message to report, when it cant read a corrupted a file.


This doesn't look like a KNIME error message to me. I could be some error from the operating system or similar.