Table Reader: Unable to change Column Type from non-native


I was putting together an example workflow for knowledge sharing and noticed the table reader is unable letting me assign even string type to non-native data types.

The following file is of type “.table”. Please change the suffix!
test.txt (36.2 KB)

The table reader also did not reinterpret the column values making it more kind of a bug.


Hi @mwiegand , I enjoy your posts as you do like getting down and dirty with the fun stuff! :wink:

That’s actually quite horrible isn’t it, lol

Your sample file though gave me a chance to try out a component I wrote a while ago, to see if it can help out in this kind of situation, as I have also in the past found that the auto type casting can only go so far without “help”.

In this demo, it eases the pain a little by succeeding in casting all columns to String, whereupon a further call to Column Auto Type Cast is able to move things on a little, at least as far as the numeric columns are concerned. (But not the booleans, dates etc)

For anyone interested, the component can be found here:

I see that this also links in with your other feedback re Column Auto Type Cast node.

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