table reaorganization (with combination of value from 2 class of variables)

Hi everybody.
I work with a chemical analysis tool that outputs a 3D signal, summarized in a table (excel or .csv).
It contains 2 “dimensions”, both mutually independent, and a dependent variable which is the response. The described system resembles a geographical map where latitude and longitude cross each other, until the entire surface represented is covered, while the response is the altitude of the ground.
To represent a 3D reality in a table, the output file repeats the line with each observation as many times as the values assumed by one of the 2 classes of variables, changing the value of the first variable in the second column, next to the labels of the observations , while the second variable is set as a horizontal header row.
As you can see from the attachment, I would like to organize the table using only one row per observation and using a combined (or even concatenated) value of the two independent variables in the header.
Thank in advance for your help!!!

manipolazione tabella.xlsx (12.4 KB)

Hi @Franco72

This is something for the Pivoting node. table_reorganisation.knwf (23.4 KB).
Groups => Observartions
Pivot => First Dimension
Manual Aggregation => varA varB varC

gr. Hans


Thank you very much! This is exactly the solution I need.

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