Table Row To Variable does not allow empty String variables


… instead, it proposes “missing”. Empty string flow vars don’t seem to be a problem in general, since I am working around it by a follow-up Rule Engine (Variable) node.
Omitting them is not an option for me since I regardlessly need those variables later.
Allowing an empty string would probably streamline the usage of this node.


Hello @jpfeuffer,

Table Row to Variable produces value “missing” when there is missing value in cell (denoted by red question mark) and empty value when there is no value in cell. This behavior seems expected and reasonable to me.


Thank you. That is true. I was just hoping that I could convert missing variable values to empty strings immediately (i.e. without a previous Missing Value node or a subsequent Rule Engine Variable node).
Fine for now. I just did not see a reason why an empty string in the config dialogue (default: “missing”) should not be allowed.

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Hello @jpfeuffer,

ok. I see now this as well. (That you can not put empty string as default). Actually have seen couple of nodes where empty strings can not be used in configuration so would say the same case here. Anyways ticket created. (Internal reference: AP-15827)

A workaround would be to use empty flow variable (using String Configuration for example) to override node’s configuration :slight_smile:


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