Table row to variable loop


I have a workflow with a table creator into table row to variable into a month selection node. I now need to switch table row to variable node to switch with table row to variable loop start but im struggling to get it to work. See picture below.
row to variable

I can not connect the loop end to the MONTH node and if I connect the table row to variable loop start node directly to MONTH it doesn’t work as a loop. Right now it’s working for 1 row input in Table Creator but I need multiple rows.

Hi @Lyhis,

use the variable loop end node!

In this thread there is an example with this loop combination

Also you can always just use a dummy node between the loop start/end (just put a column filter node in and connect it to both)
Then connect the start to your “Month” and the “month” end to the dummy column filter :+1:

Thank you for answering.
I’m going from Table Creator -> Table Row To Variable Loop Start -> Variable Loop End and the output is all good like needed. Now I need to connect all of this to the MONTH node but it only takes a variable connection ( red line ) and I can’t connect the black line to it.

If I do this:
Then it just runs the whole workflow once, then loop starts and runs again etc but each time it just rewrites not adds.

Hi @Lyhis,

you have to connect your output to the loop end!
Basically everything between loop start and loop end will be repeated :slight_smile:


Maybe check out these tutorial loop videos from KNIME :slight_smile:


I feel silly now :slight_smile: thank you very much.


Great if it works :slight_smile:
If there are any further troubles then just give a notice :stuck_out_tongue:

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