Table to JSON sort order


I’m trying to create a bunch of JSON files and was hoping to use KNIMEs “table to JSON” node, it would save me a lot of extra work…

It basically works fine, except that the JSON is sorted by “ABC”, it doesn’t follow the order of the input table:

Technically, it’s not wrong, just very difficult to read. :frowning:

Is there a way how to force the input column order?

Thanks in advance for a reply.

Hello @dr_snglr,

not sure how your data in KNIME is structured but if in one column how about String to JSON node?


Thanks for the reply.

I found a workaround that kind of works. I can prefix my columns with a number and replace them in the JSON before exporting:

Not exactly proud of that solution, but if it works, it works…

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Hello @dr_snglr,

glad you found a way but still have a feeling you should use String to JSON node in case you have data in single cell.


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