Table to Spark node not displaying the output post execution in Mac system.

I am using Mac system, and trying to build recommendation system model using the nodes"Creat Local Big Data environment" ,“Table to spark”, “Spark partition”, “Spark Collaborative Filtering Learner (MLlib)”. I am unable to get the information/output table. At the output section the message “Data at the output port is not supported by any viewer” appears.
Eg: Post executing the Table to Spark node, by clicking on the “1: Spark DataFrame/RDD” i am getting “Data at the output port is not supported by any viewer” is displayed.
Please note, i have updated the reuired extensions.

Need your help to resolve this.

Sharing the screenshot to make you understand better.

Hi @shru,

The Spark output port types are not yet supported by the modern UI. We are working on adding support for more data types such as Spark and will also provide the option to open the legacy port view in the modern UI with one of the next releases. Until then you have to switch to the classic user interface.


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