Table Validator fails to convert column of missing values

I woudn't say this is a bug, but it's unconvenient.

Try this:

  • Create a table with some values.
  • Transpose the table to remove type information.
  • Append a Table Validator. Tell that validator to "Try to convert" a column.
  • Delete some values in the original table so that the transposed column will contain only missing cells.
  • Revalidate.

Observed Behaviour: The Validator will not fail, but he won't convert the column type either.

Expected Behaviour: The cells still contain missing values, but the column type is corrected.

Reason for expected behaviour: Some nodes like Java Snippets rely on columns having a particular type. The validators seem like a natural way to ensure type correctness.

Workaround: Manually make sure the types are correct (eg. with String Replacers, Math Formulas etc) like in the times before validators.

Hi Marlin, 

I see what you mean, I've opened a ticket and we'll see if we can get that behaviour changed for you.