Table Validator (Ref) and how to use inactive ports

Hi guys,

I'd like to use a Table Validator (Reference) node to check if excel files are correctly populated based on a reference file. My goal is to verify the structure and to store the result {OK; KO} in a variable. 95% of the time files are correct, so I'm wondering how to use second inactive port. I linked a node to count the Error ID occurrencies but of course since the port is disabled it's not executed.

Is there a way to trap incative ports status, and in general to handle in the most efficient way this node?



Hello AngeloDV,

I have not tried it personally, but I think you could use an ENDIF node after the reference validator to always get an output. Then you can put nodes between the validator and the endif, such that you get statistics or different things.
There is also a branch inverter, that could help you get something out of the deactivated branch.

Hope that helps and sorry for the late reply.