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So I’m creating a workflow that other people will use and I need to make sure that the table validator fails if data is outside defined bounds. With the table validator node, it seems that I can’t custom define ranges for each column. For instance, I know that if a data point for my age column is over 130, it needs to fail, but when I use the input as reference, it will set it to whatever the current range is (that could be minimum of 5, maximum of 100), rather than what I want it to universally be (minimum 0, maximum 130).

Am I correct in my understanding? If so, are there other ways to accomplish this?

Hi there!

What you are trying to do is possible both with Table Validator and Table Validator (Reference) node. I would recommend to use Table Validator (Reference) node. It is pretty straightforward. To use Table Validator you need to use flow variables. IntCell values you need to define. Here is print screen:

I have created example workflow with both options so explore and feel free to ask any questions.

2019_05_17_Table_Validator_Domain_Definition.knwf (17.3 KB)



Perfect! I haven’t tried it yet, but this is definitely what I needed.


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