table view - click event listener


I would like to add eventListener to the default table for the case when a user clicks on a cell or row.
Depending on standard naming conventions for table columns I would like to enable a right-click functionality that opens a web-browser using values from that row. I.e. if there are columns names “chromosome|chr” AND “start|Begin” then I would like to enable a link that uses those values.

What would be the recommended strategy for implementing this?
Could I just an event listener somewhere, or would you recommend implementing my own view?

Any suggestions and hints are welcome.



I guess you have to write such a node yourself. The current implementation of the “Interactive Table” does not allow customized functionality. Extending our implementation (see package org.knime.core.node.tableview) shouldn’t be too difficult. The node itself is defined in package org.knime.base.node.viz.table (you wouldn’t extend those classes but copy them – they only define the node, not the functionality). Hope it helps!