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In the first out-port view in the Edit menu are options for copy the table and that is great, but I have two problems with this:

  1. When I copy the table in which are some missing walues and I paste the table in excel there are “?” instead of empty cells.
  2. When copying numbers (double) and paste them to excel I have problem with the decimal separator (so some numbers 3.5 for example in excel are recognized as dates).

Is possible to somehow make that when we copy the table it doesnt copy the missing value sign “’?” or put an option in the View menu hide/unhide missing value sign

The second problem is related to Change standard decimal seperator for which the ticket is already open. It will great if there will be a renderer that uses the comma as the decimal separator

Thank you

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Hi Andrej,

maybe one easy fix for everything would be to use the Excel Writer node instead of manually inspecting the Table View output and copying it to Excel? Incase the resulting Excel export doesn’t quite meet your needs, you could still copy the parts you need from the exported Excel file to your desired Excel sheet (without the formatting going wrong).

Apart from that, I guess the “?” are easily replaced by a find and replace operation in Excel, or you can in KNIME Analytics Platform use a Missing Value node to replace missing values with e.g. 0 or an empty string.

Similarly you could preformat your Excel sheets so that number columns are formatted as e.g. string, to avoid them being formatted as date. In KNIME Analytics Platform you could chain Number To String and String Replacer to format the numbers with a comma.

I hope this solves your problems.

Best regards

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Hi @marvin.kickuth
Thank you for your response.
The main reason that I use copy paste to excel is to verify the data during the process of building the workflow to check if the result of nodes are as aspected. So the process of copy paste to excel and do a quick filter check or quick pivot has to be fast.
I know all the solutions you mentioned but are all time consuming if I have to apply them to every node. Once the workflow is done I do not need this feature anymore.

Another useful thing will be the possibility of filtering in the Table view.

Hope you understand me …


Aah, I see. In that case I’m afraid I don’t know the perfect node.
However, you might find some useful overview nodes on the hub. To get a general idea of the data you’re working with I can recommend the Data Explorer – KNIME Hub .

If I stumble across a node more fitting for your tests I’ll update you :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Hello @andrejz,

and how about building interactive Component for data verification? Should be even faster than copying data into Excel…

Anyways have added your requests (separator, filtering) to existing tickets.