Table view (JavaScript) as filter

I have large assortment table is about 147000 rows. I’m using Table view (JavaScript) because it has search field and multiple selection.
Problem appears when quickform opening - it loading 147000 to slow. And i see in task manager that chrome using not much ram memory.
Maybe i need incrase somehow ram memory for chrome?


I don’t think there is a way to increase the memory for Chrome directly. It also depends on the kind of data you are trying to display. If there is just a few numerical columns or if you have larger cell content like images in there.
The table view has a default of a maximum of 100.000 rows, because it still works reasonably fast on a good machine with that. However if your machine is slower or you add more rows there will be a significant drop in responsiveness.

Unfortunately there is no good solution I can offer here for the time being. We are however working on a feature to lazily load the data from the table view and are hoping to have that in a release in the near future. This would solve this problem, but for now I can only suggest that you can somehow sample the data or display fewer columns to speed up the setup and layouting in the browser.

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Thank you! I found out crome 64 is better to use RAM memory.
Finally I decided to use R view + Shiny + rpivotTable + htmltab with the ability to save in Excel table that the user creates himself.