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Is it possible to lock the headers in the Table View node? This question was asked and answered negatively about 5 years ago.

Also it would be nice to be able to access the column slider all of the time.

Hello @rfeigel,

you can try the new table view node (Table View – KNIME Community Hub) from the KNIME Views extension. That node always shows the headers even if the user scrolls down.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. There are some tradeoffs between the two nodes. The Lab node doesn’t seem to permit passing CSS formatting through a flow variable. Also the default column widths are fixed and produce a much less readable table. I realize there are sliders to change the column widths, but that requires a lot of manual fiddling.

Old Table View

Table View (Labs)

Correct, CSS styling is not supported with the new Table View node. What is it exactly that you want to style with CSS?
Regarding the column width, we are currently working on an improved handling of that. It will be possible to dynamically change the column with according to the content and a few other things.

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Formatting isn’t a huge deal, but it would be nice. See the comparison between the two nodes in my original post. A subtitle would also be nice. Thanks.

Here’s another formatting issue with the Table View Nodes. The Table Manipulator node which feeds the Table View nodes has newlines to separate the authors and AuthorIds. The formatting is lost by the Table View nodes.

Table Manipulator

Old Table View

Table View (Labs}

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