Table View Thousands Separator

I am using AP 4.6.3 on Windows.

In the Table View node configuration, I am able to control the decimal places in Double columns.
However, is there a way to display comma as the thousands separator?
In addition, is there a way to right-align numbers as how numbers are generally presented in tables, for easy comparison between numbers?

Thank you.

How to display comma as thousand separator and right-align numbers?

Hey @tjmj,

it is currently not possible to select a thousands separator in the table view itself. As a workaround you could convert the number into a string and handle it yourself. We are currently working on a better way to make these kinds of formatting tasks much easier. It is not ready yet to be shown, but as soon as it is I will post an update into this thread.

For the alignment you can use a CSS Editor Node. You can have a look into the attached workflow to see an example.

Hope this helps,

TableCellRightAligned.knar.knwf (8.6 KB)


Hi @DanielBog,

Thank you for the example! I’m definitely looking forward to the new formatting method.

Currently with the workaround, it seems I can either add in the thousands separator or right-align the Double/Integer columns, but not both. Otherwise, all my String columns will be right-aligned as well.

yes, that is true. I can’t think of a way right now, to make both work only for your numbers.


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