Table View uses more space then needed in Component

Dear all,

I am “translating” a quite large BIRT report into the new reporting world of KNIME. By doing this I am stumbling over a behavior of the Table View node in a component. It uses more space than needed …
I attach a simple workflow to demonstrate this. I have tested several configurations of the Table View node but I was not successful. My target is “no extra/unnecessary space between the tables”.

Is there a chance to achieve my objective?

Thank you very much in advance!

Best regards, Jürgen

Hi @Juergen ,

I’ve opened the component configuration view and clicked on the small gear icon on the top right corner to select “Auto”.

The extracted report looks like this: no more unuseful spaces!

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Raffaello Barri


Hi @lelloba ,

thank you very much for your hint … it is the solution to my problem. Great, thank you so much…!

But, presumably/perhaps there is a bug in the Table View Node. Using the configuration “auto” in the Layout Configuration, the output of the Component and the report are fine (see attachment “Table View 1”), but if you use “Open view” for the component, the result is shown in the second attachment “Table View 2”. The rows of the table are missing. If one use “Aspect Ratio” in the Layout Configuration the rows are shown again

This behaviour is not critical for me right now, but it seems to be inconsistent and therefore not desirable.

Is there anything I have overlooked?

Best regards, Jürgen

Table View 1:

Table View 2:

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Hi @Juergen,

maybe create another post with the “bug” tag and someone from KNIME will take care of it. This post is marked as solved, so they won’t likely see it; tagging people directly is always unpleasant.

Have a nice day,

Thank you for your remark…

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