Table Viewer on Mac

Does anyone have any idea how to have the Interactive Table Viewer output (or even just the table view from any node output) on a Mac show the contents with lines around each cell to give a grid like it does on a PC.
It’s quite hard reading across rows as it currently is.



Hi @richards99,

When it comes to an explicit Interactive Table (local), I would recommend to replace it with a Table View. This makes reading tables quite a lot easier:

There isn’t really much that we can do about the default style of the style of a JTable which we are using for the regular views (unless we invest a lot of time). What helps me a lot is a little workaround: In a table, select all the cells in a row. Click into the entry of the selected Row ID column once (important!). Once you have done that, you’ll be able to use the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate the table with the current row highlighted…


Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your reply.
Sadly I have tried to use the Table View node but find it Significantly inferior to the Interactive Table Viewer node.

It does not natively display chemical structures, requiring them to be converted to images first, and this can become quite slow if there are quite a number of structures.

The structures do not look sharp even when changing the renderer resolution in the renderer to image node.

The size of the structures cannot be changed interactively, and all structures must be the same size.

You cannot change the structure renderer interactively.

If I left click and drag on a structure it permanently enables highlighting of the table which I cannot stop.

I cannot move the column order interactively.

I cannot change the row height.

I cannot change the column width.

I cannot display the unselected rows only.

It displays huge number of significant figures requiring me to use the rounding node whilst before it sensibly rounded off to 3dp.

Maybe I am missing a settings section somewhere, but I just find it unusable. Sorry!


Hi Simon,

Thank you for the detailed list of feedback! I will create tickets for those and keep you posted.

None of the aforementioned points can be configured: You are not missing anything!


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