Table Writer: Ignores setting, tries writing into Knime Installation Directory


the Table Writer seems to ignore the setting “Relative to current Workflow Data Area” and tries to write into the Knime app installation directory.

ERROR CourtsReadNodeFactory            Broken XML file for node description of The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.
ERROR Table Writer         3:1113     Execute failed: Error while writing to buffer: Blob file location "C:\Program Files\knime_5.2.0\col_0\000\000" does not exist

It did work before as there is already data present in the workflow data directory.

PS: Switching the option to something else and then back presumably mitigates the issue but the node still wants to write into the wrong location.

Here is the Thread Dump and the example workflow (unfinished as it’s for another bug):

240620 Knime Topic 80508 - Table Writer threaddump-1718862209666.tdump.txt (130.1 KB)


Hey @mwiegand,

Does this issue persist? I downloaded the workflow and did get the error only when I left all nodes as is then click run on the Table Writer. Although going back to the group by and re executing it, the table writer works fine after doing that.

Does yours still error out even after trying this out:


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