Tableau Integration Failure to Install Macbook Pro

Hello, I’m trying to install the Tableau Integration on Knime v4.7 on a MacBook M1 Pro running Monterey v12.6.2.

Getting this error message:

 Cannot complete the install because some dependencies are not satisfiable
  [4.7.0.v202211090005,4.7.0.v202211090005] cannot be installed in this environment because its 
  filter is not applicable.

Any troubleshooting ideas? TIA.

– Glenn

Hi @Glenn_Kuly,

The Tableau integration only works in the Intel (x86_64) build of KNIME AP. This error message indicates that you are using the apple silicon build. The Intel build will also work on your Mac.
This limitation is caused by Tableau itself as they currently are not offering the necessary binaries for Apple silicon.



Ok thank you Gabriel.

– Glenn

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