Tableau Integration

I am brand new to knime and trying to integrate with Tableau, but am receiving the following error when trying to send to TDE:

ERROR Tableau Writer (TDE) 0:4 Execute failed: Could not initialize class com.tableausoftware.extract.ExtractAPI

The steps I took were as follows:

  1. Selected File/Install Knime Extensions and downloaded the Knime Tableau Integration

  2. Downloaded the 64-bit Mac-OS Python version of Tableau SDK, here:

  3. Moved the SDK file into knime workplace folder, then went to File/Preferences/General/Linked Resources, created “New” linked resource and set bath to bin folder within Tableau SDK folder

  4. When this didn’t work, I tried to download the Java version of the Tableau SDK as well, and moved the extract files into the workplace folder

I’m still getting this error - I’m sure I’m missing steps; I’m not super technical so any instructions in laymen’s terms would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @ahahn123 -

You definitely want to use the Tableau Java SDK and not the Python SDK. I’d delete the Python SDK from your system completely and remove any references to it.

I’d also remove the Linked Resource you made, and create a completely new one for the Tableau Java SDK.

Something else to check if the above doesn’t work: did you update your environment variables/path?