Tableau REST API

Is there a way to get the authentication token from Tableau server? The API documentation indicates that the token is needed from the login, but there’s no Tableau connector node to do that. Tableau accepts REST requests, but at present I’m getting a variety of response codes that appear to be related to authentication that I can’t get past.

The following is from

Get a list of resources

To get a list of resources like users, you send a GET request. The request must include an X-Tableau-Auth header with the authentication token that was returned in the Sign In call. There is no request body.

The following examples shows a request that gets a list of users.

GET /api/2.2/sites/9a8b7c6d-5e4f-3a2b-1c0d-9e8f7a6b5c4d/users/users HTTP/1.1 HOST: my-server X-Tableau-Auth: 12ab34cd56ef78ab90cd12ef34ab56cd

It appears I can generate a PAT from Tableau and create the request header, but it’s still not responding yet.

Hello @kevinnay ,

you can use your PAT directly in the Send to Tableau Server Node:

I also recommend to check out our Tableau Integration Guide and the example workflows on our Community Hub, maybe you will find useful information there.


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