Tableau server not recognizing field types when writing from Knime


When writing data to tableau server from Knime 4.2 (using, tableau server 2020.01 does not recognize any field types. When writing same data source to tableau server from Tableau Desktop client there is no problems at all.

Anyone else facing the same issue?

What’s the type of your columns you want to send to tableau? Is any of them correctly classified in your tableau dataset?


Hi Mark,

Only columns which Tableau recognizes are calculated fields in the data source. The original fields are just given a ‘?’ in field type. The original fields consists of both string, dates and doubles.
Though it is possible for me to open the Tableau data source and build a view using the original fields as well, it is not possible to use functions as ‘Ask Data’ as the Tableau Server does not recognize the field types in the data source. If data source is written to the tableau server by Tableau desktop client then there are no problems at all. But obviously I would like to use Knime to write data up.

I hope you can help solve this mystery.

BR Kristian

Do all fields in tableau correspond to ‘?’? Would it be possible to share the data you’re uploading with me, e.g., via a private msg?

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