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We have been trying to use the personal access token to authenticate towards our tableau server. We could not get it to work, but realized that the access token and site id in the Tableau Server node is in fact not the personal access token, but rather the authentication token. Please add this third option in the Tableau Server Node for authentication

Access used by KNIME with access token it done by the following steps:
Submit POST request to tableau server and read result:
<credentials name=“TestUser” password=“12345” >
<site contentUrl=“MySite” />

<tsResponse xmlns=“” xmlns:xsi=“” xsi:schemaLocation=“”>
<credentials token=“8NQp4N3RQKJFNVLKJNFV DFKJ”>
<site id=“d3d6d5cd-730a-4b87-b972-983d85a56b58” contentUrl=“MySite”/>
<user id=“8611c916-8aec-43e6-93dd-687ef6c0dc08”/>

The Tableau Server node uses the above site id and the credentials token to authenticate.

The person access token uses this call to authenticate which is much easier to use:
personalAccessTokenName=“MY_TOKEN_NAME” personalAccessTokenSecret=“qlE1g9MMh9vbrjjg==:rZGHhPpP2yUW1kfn4tjg8” >
<site contentUrl=“MarketingTeam” />

Hi @mmcmcmc -

We have a ticket for this one also (AP-15006). Again, I can’t give a firm date for when this might be released, but your feature request has been noted on the ticket. Thanks!

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Thank you for the prompt reply! We succeeded in running a POST request with the last syntax which then returns an authentication token and site id that can then be used in the send to tableau server node

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Hi @mmcmcmc,

Good to hear that you found a workaround!

I also created a workflow that makes use of the REST nodes to login with the Personal Access Token. It’s a bit cumbersome but it works. I uploaded it to the HUB if anyone is interested: Tableau_Personal_Access_Token_auth_workaround – KNIME Hub.

The feature for the node was implemented recently. The code has been merged already and only needs to be verified internally. The feature is already in the nightly (Nightly Build | KNIME) and will (most likely) be released with 4.4.0 in the Summer.

I would be glad if you could try it out in the nightly and give feedback.


Great development. It is working exactly as it should. Thanks!


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