Tableau & Spotfire Usage Report Merge

I am looking to take a usage report that is created in Tableau, and a usage report that is being created in Spotfire and combine them into one (preferably an automated process) report.  Is there a way to use both the Tableau and Spotfire nodes within Knime to make this happen, and produce a total usage report with data from both Tableau and Spotfire?


Hi all,

When I tried the spotfire nodes, I'll receive this message rather annoying :

WARN  Open TIBCO Spotfire  2:1235     This node only works under 32bit Windows

An old thing ?

Best regards,


Hello Fabien,

According to the overview of the plugin it requires Windows 32bit. I am not familiar with the plugin itself, but the source code contains a lot of c# and some external libraries. Assumably the limitation is set somewhere there.
I am sorry that I can't give you a solution or workaround.