Tableau TDE legacy extension installed, but node not found in repository

I’m using v4.2.2 and have all the Labs Tableau integration nodes extensions installed. I need to use the TDE legacy node, but only see the newer Tableau Writer and Send to Server Nodes in the repository. The legacy nodes indicate they are installed under file extensions, but cannot be found. Any suggestions to find the Tableau legacy nodes?

Hi @benpope

one solution is to copy the nodes from an old workflow (I found this one on the hub, you can download it and copy the nodes into your workflow from there )

Would the new nodes not be an option for you?

Thanks for the reply Iris, I had tried bringing in a older TDE writer node, but it shows up as deprecated and won’t run. 4.2 needs the legacy version to work. I have an older Tableau workbook that uses a TDE extract and I have not been able to force it to roll over into the Hyper format due to some issue in the workbook. Options I’m looking at are loading 4.1 version of Knime to out put a TDE, working with my Tableau contacts to see if there may be a way to upgrade the workbook, or using and older version of Tableau to create a TDE extract. I didn’t think this would be an issue with Knime 4.2 given the legacy nodes that should be there, but I’m not see them even though it says they are installed.

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did you install KNIME Tableau TDE Format - Platform specific packages?



just some clarification here. We decided to deprecate the TDE support as it is rather outdated & the library used to write those files has various problems and is not maintained anymore.

Do you have many of those TDE workbooks that you cannot convert to hyper? The only workaround for now is to copy paste one of those nodes or drag and drop it via the hub.

Please excuse the inconveniences,

Yes, I had installed all the Tableau extensions and expected to see the legacy TDE nodes as they are called out in the extension list. The easiest and tech debt solution was to just install version 4.1.2 of Knime on another PC just to support the older workflows that produce the TDE extract. In the meantime, I’m working with my Tableau support to see if there is way to upgrade these older workbooks. It seems that the difficulty is that I’m connecting to a Knime generated TDE extract so the methods of doing an extract of the extract or forcing an update through a sever refresh don’t work. I will likely need to use a 10.4 version of Tableau to create an native extract from a Knime written Excel file or CSV. Then, I should be able to switch the workbooks to that TDE and force the upgrade to Hyper.