TABs in cells

Hi there,

Quick question, I have tabs in my string values, how do I get rid of them?

Example, in 1 cell:

Delivery Driver
North Carolina

Hi. Your example doesn’t seem to reflect a cell with tabs in it, but rather a cell with a line separator. Nevertheless, if you want to remove tabs you can enter an expression in the String Manipulation node like so: replace($My Col$, "\t", "") This says to replace all occurrences of tab (represented by backslash t) with nothing (an empty String represented by two quote marks) in column “My Col”.

If you want to remove line separators within cells, you could use this expression in the String Manipulation node: regexReplace($My Col$, "(\r\n|\n|\r)", "") This should work for most operating systems.

Note that in both the case of tabs and line separators you may want to replace them with a space (instead of an empty String) to maintain separation between words, i.e. " " instead of “”.
Of course, replace $My Col$ with the name of your column.
Hope this helps, Don


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