Tag cloud error: No column in spec compatible to termvalue (urgent)

Hi folks! I’m a beginner and couldn’t figure out what should i fill in most of node’s.
I’m trying to create tag cloud by repetition of words.
My other node’s has green light but the last 3 nodes (groupby, color manager, tag cloud) has been give errors. A red circle appears on the top right and left and it says variable import export. Tag cloud gives the error “no column in spec compatible to termvalue”

knime_project_first1.knwf (93.5 KB)

(PS: As a learner, I’m kindly asking:
Is the nodes I choosed, their arrangement are correct? I fill textboxes/selectcases in nodes nearby leave some of them as default. If I have a incorrectness about there, please let me know. I have a graduation project to finish. Thank you for time!)

Hey @matals,

welcome to the KNIME community. Can you tell me what you are trying to extract from the URL? I want to rebuild the WF part using different nodes.
All the best

Hi @lgknime

I think this question is already solved in an other post by @matals .

gr. Hans

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Hey @HansS

thanks for the hint. What a great community we have :yum: .

All the best Linus

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