Tagged Document Viewer stuck

I cannot get the Tagged Document Viewer node to display the document tags in the simple workflow attached. When I select that option it remains “Loading”. No problem with other workflows. The bundled Chromium Browser (version 83) is selected both for displaying JS views and as headless browser for generating images from JS views.

test_tagged_doc_viewer.knar (536.5 KB)

Hello @mpenalver,

with version 4.2.2. two bugs regarding Tagged Document Viewer node were fixed. Can you update your KNIME version and give it a try?

(AP-15051 and AP-15021)


Thank you, @ipazin. I have installed the update, which just became available, but the problem persists.

Hi @mpenalver -

Thanks for the detailed example workflow. There definitely seems to be a bug here with the Tagged Document Viewer. In the meantime, you can use the standard Document Viewer node as it seems to work OK.

I’ll ask someone on our development team to take a look here. (Ticket created: AP-15230)


Thank you very much, @ScottF. I didn’t realized that I could see the tagged terms also with Document Viewer. That will indeed do it for now.

FYI, this problem occurs in docs where a term has been tagged which includes two or more spaces between the words composing it. See Anomalous behaviour of Dictionary Tagger. In that example, Tagged Document Viewer works with test1 and test2 but gets stuck with test3 and test4.

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