Talette / CIR node: ChemSpider output incorrect? [Solved]

Wanted to get ChemSpider IDs for compounds, but the output is really odd, a dozen or so digits, whereas the IDs according to the website are 3 or 4 digit ones for the cases below in enclosed jpg.

PS: also, this node gives errors for input formats other than INCHI(Key)

(The ultimate goal actually is to retrieve the chemspider number and make a url available for an external html viewer which presents the user with some public data of a substance - this as comprimise since I don't understand enough to do scripted API connections to and from webservices such as Chemspider or other).


It may have returned multiple values, right click on the column header and select the multi line string renderer. Or try copying the string value into a text editor. 


Doh, thanks, it was indeed multi lines.

Why I was confused and didn't see the numbers was probably by mixing up some examples....