Tally accounting software is used by small and mid sized business entities . Tally software uses ODBC . This ODBC cannot be integrated to KNIME. Is there any integration utility available for it. How to solve this issue. This is a long pending issue. It was possible to integrate with MS excel using power query ,Recent update in tally software not compatible with it. Kindly find a solution to solve this issue. C data integration is there but it is very costly since Tally used by small and mid sized business entities.
Thank you

Hi @sujesh , it looks like you can use JDBC instead:

@bruno29a , Thank you for the quick reply, I would like to make your attention to query generated , C Data is there but the cost is too high to buy since all these are medium sized and small entities. I generated the report through power BI . It having a in built utility to integrate with ODBC.

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