Targeted Lipidomics

Hello Everyone,
I am new in the Lipidomics field and have a basic understanding of KNIME. I now want to use KNIME and openMS to analyze my targeted Lipidomics LC-MS/MS (Agilent QqQ) data. However, I already have difficulties in Database selection and how to start analyzing the data.

So it would be super, if someone could help me to get started with this topic.
I already tried the recommended “get started” advices from the openMS and KNIME homepages.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Simon_Kienle

Maybe this Blog Post and the workflows in their Hub Space will help? Did you try these resources already?

If it is about general KNIME questions, there are also plenty of videos on Youtube to help you getting started with the KNIME AP. For specific questions about the OpenMS extension, I would point you to @openms-team :slight_smile:


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