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Hello Guys
Lately I have been facing a problem for a few of my workflows that I scheduled to run through Windows Task Scheduler. One of them is a daily data uploading program from mysql server to a hive db of one specific day (yesterday’s only). Everytime, the scheduler runs, the attached kind of logs are shown in the terminal window and shows up an output prompt before exit. I have also attached the screenshot of the output. The similar result is happening for another workflow that calls one local workflow and generates a pdf from birt report and hence sends email. None of these two are working, their last run result shows a value of “0x2”
Interestingly, I have two more workflows that are run from the same task scheduler program and execute sucessfully, they also pull data from mysql, push them to Cloudera hive and generate emails. Their last run result shows “0x4”.
Can you guys help with some insights pls?

Anisevent.txt (3.1 KB)

to me it seems that the workflow directory that you pass to KNIME for execution does not exist. There is the following error in your log file:

ERROR main BatchExecutor Workflow directory ‘C:/Users/[…]/DailyDataLoad_MySQL_ClouderaHive/’ is not a directory.

Could you check if the workflow really exists there and is a directory?
Kind regards

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