Team Registration is now open! [CLOSED]

Game of Nodes is the first KNIME data science world tournament where teams compete against each other to solve data analytics challenges. Fully remote and of course, using KNIME Analytics Platform :slight_smile:.

More info:

Hurry up, we have a max capacity of 50 teams! :wink:

Happy KNIMEing!


Hello @roberto_cadili

Yesterday (I suppose) I registered a team, however I have not got any notification on my email yet. Is there a way to check if my application is received?

Hi @Artem,

That’s great to hear! :slight_smile:

Upon successful completion of the registration form, you’re displayed the following message, which also contains the option to share your participation on social media:

That’s all you need! :slight_smile: No other notifications are sent.

If you are not displayed the β€œSuccessful!” message above, then the registration did not go through.

Hope it helps,

PS: Your team registration was correctly received in our system :wink: .

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Thank you Roberto, perhaps I did not pay much attention to that message after my registration.

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