Tensorflow and keras for deep learning

Hi, everyone !
I tried to install Tensorflow and Keras to execute the example :
Examples/04_Analytics/14_Deep_Learning/02_Keras/ 04_​Cats_​and_​Dogs.

I use Python 3.6
I have pandas, numpy installed
I installed Miniconda
I installed many packages (tensorflow, keras, GPU, CPU, Cuda)
I got errors : “tensorflow, keras not properly installed” and also non compatibility packages.

I am wondering if i used correct commands, so i would like to restart all over again.
I am also wondering if my computer is enough powerful to execute deep learning.

Intel(R) Core™ i5-10210U CPU @1.60GHz 2.11 GHz
RAM 8,00 Go (7,72 Go utilisable)
Exploitation system : 64 bits, processeur x64

Could you help me, please ? Thank you.

Hi @beginagain and welcome to the forum.

I would recommend that you follow our documentation for setting up Keras & Tensorflow with KNIME Analytics Platform here: KNIME Deep Learning Integration Installation Guide

Your laptop should be sufficient to run the example workflow, but would likely struggle with real-world deep learning networks and applications.


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