Teradata connection error in version 3.5


is there anything in version 3.5 making database JDBC connector to Teradata not working? I follow the normal process of copying driver .jar files and declaring the driver but still get "ERROR Database Connector   0:46       Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: null"

My current solution is to go back to earlier version of KNIME 3.3.2 which works fine on the same PC



Hi Vadim,
can you please provide more information about the error message e.g. include the KNIME log or the complete stack trace of the error message.
Did you put all the driver files into a single folder and registered this folder in KNIME via the Add directory button (see screenshot)?

Thank you Tobias, adding directory as you suggested worked!

Hi Tobias -

It seems you are the expert on database connection here!

I have an issue when trying to connect to teradata (only teradata) through MAC platform. Could you please help - KNIME MAC Teradata JDBC Database Connection

Thank you!