We did some experiments, but did not find a proper way to visualize Term-co-occurance.

Which best practise can be suggested to visualize results for Term-co-occurance node.

Is there a way to get the results shown in a tag cloud?


Thanks in advace

Hi Dnreb,


basic tag clouds are not really useful to visualize term co-occurrences since only the weight or importance of a term can be visualized. To visualize the distances of terms in document space in tag clouds, MDS methods can be used (see: http://www.inf.uni-konstanz.de/gk/pubsys/publishedFiles/AdThBe10.pdf). Terms are positioned close to each other if their distance in document space is small (they co-occure oftenly) and vice versa.


Another way to visualize Term co-occurences are e.g. Heatmaps, with the interesting terms at the x and y axis. The color represents the number of co-occurrences. Here is an example of a term-gene co-occurrence heatmap: http://tech.knime.org/term-coocurrence-heatmap-example


Hope this helps.

Cheers, Kilian

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